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Ketra In 2018, Ketra was acquired by Lutron, the world’s leader in lighting controls and shades. Now working together, they’re pairing transformational light with world-class controls and shades for the ultimate leap forward in lighting personalization—seamless control of daylight and electric light. Ketra and Lutron’s shared mission is to make light an integral part of…


Coronet Coronet makes world-class luminaires for architectural lighting design. From intricate customizations to quick-turn solutions, Coronet supports the design visions of their partners in the lighting and building industries. Coronet is certified CarbonNeutral® and their diverse team of leaders, product designers, engineers, technicians, customer service and sales professionals is second to none.  

Lucifer Lighting

Lucifer Lighting Lucifer Lighting is a family-owned company and, over their 30+ years of operation, has grown from a specialty manufacturer to a global resource for world class architects, designers, and developers who specify their products for everything from high-rise hotels and urban financial centers, to flagship retail stores and four-star restaurants, to private homes…

Now Representing Chameleon Lighting

Now Representing Chameleon Lighting Chameleon Lighting offers a simple, hands-on way to create the fixture of your dreams. In addition to standard luminaires, Chameleon has developed a unique line of customizable products which marry great lighting design with high performance, high style and function. Chameleon offers multiple light engine families with a wide variety of…