Featuring C6R and C5R Luminaires

The opulent lobby at 190 S. LaSalle features a gold-leafed, 55-foot high vaulted ceiling, stone-clad walls and black and white checkerboard marble flooring. Designed in 1987, the original lobby lighting had become outdated, with Cold Cathode CFL self-ballasted lamps that created hotspots on the ceiling. The specifier, George Sexton Architects, employed Tempo’s low-profile C6R high lumen, linear LED cove luminaires with 3000K throughout the lobby and elevator bays.

In addition to the cove lighting upgrade, Sexton also refitted the grand sconces and pendants with Tempo’s mid-lumen C5R linear LED luminaires. Diffusors were added to the glass to soften the illumination and cut down on glare, enhancing the space’s overall experience with adequate light output and the ideal color temperature.