Introducing a new revolutionary, modular wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings

Vive wireless solution is ideally suited for: K12, commercial and government offices and higher education buildings. It centralizes control and integration over all wireless controls and sensors within the building, allowing a complete management of the lighting system and saves energy.

Design – The flexibility you need to design your building:

  • Build your system from a full suite of products
  • Combine individual fixture control and area control
  • Easily match controls to the fixture package
  • Expand the system at any time
  • Guaranteed reliability and performance

Install – Wireless simplifies installation and reduces callbacks:

  • Less wiring makes installation faster
  • Setup is as simple as pushing a button or using your smart device
  • Start small and expand at any time — with no new wiring
  • Eliminate callbacks

Maximize productivity and building performance:

  • Monitor, adjust, and manage your system from any smart device
  • Energy savings
  • Minimize down time
  • Expand capability
  • Simple integration