Luminis Eclipse Mini EC600 – Lathrop Project

The Julia Lathrop Homes were constructed as a public housing development during the Great Depression. The 35-acre complex on the north shore of the Chicago River had degraded substantially over the years, so it was earmarked for a substantial transformation and modernization.

Plans included the restoration of the original 1938 buildings and re-vamping of parking, driveways, walkways and surrounding green space down to the river. The new neighborhood was re-branded simply as “Lathrop” and now includes 1,116 units of mixed-income housing.

Luminis’ Eclipse Mini EC600 fixtures were selected to illuminate the driveways and walkways throughout the residential complex. The classic design of the black luminaires complements the beautifully restored architecture.

Each of the sixty-five Eclipse luminaires is affixed to a Luminis 5” diameter round aluminum pole designed to offer maximum resistance to wind load. The components are made of a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and hardware is stainless steel. Combined with Luminis’ meticulous in-house powder coating technique that provides the highest paint quality and adhesion for protection against the weather, Eclipse will stand up to the most severe Chicago winters.

SPECIFIER: Harley Ellis Devereaux
LIGHTING CONSULTANT: CharterSills Architectural Lighting Design