Amerlux Slots & Dots

Amerlux Slots & Dots The new Slots & Dots system from Amerlux is an easily configurable low voltage track lighting system that creates visual ambiance for hospitality, residential, commercial and retail environments. The 48V system features surface, recessed or pendant mounting options with magnetic lighting modules so light sources can be easily snapped in and…

Finelite HO4 90° Corners

Finelite HO4 90° Corners Finelite’s HO4 Direct is now available with 90° corners for full illumination, and available to ship in 10 working days on standard orders!    

Now Representing Luminance Brands

Now Representing Luminance Brands Luminance Brands is a full spectrum lighting provider that offers complete solutions for virtually every application in the industrial, commercial and residential spaces. Competitively priced and engineered to perform, Luminance’s product lines keep you at the forefront of the lighting technology for less.    

Elliptipar XtraSmall Ensconce Family

Elliptipar XtraSmall Ensconce Family Elliptipar’s S413, S414 and S415 feature a variety of enclosure styles with minimalist design, color temperature options of 2700, 3000, 3500 and 4000K and full adjustability with lockable aiming. The next generation refractive lens technology is optimized to illuminate surfaces uniformly with high efficacy of up to 108 lumens per watt.…

Cree Lighting Stylus Linear Series

Cree Lighting Stylus Linear Series Cree Lighting’s Stylus™ Linear Series is a specification line of linear products, created with architects and lighting designers in mind. With a full linear 3” portfolio and multiple CCT options and lumen packages, the Stylus™ Series can design an entire space, fitting every mounting possibility or ceiling with each option…

Now Representing sonnenBatterie

Now Representing sonnenBatterie sonnenBatterie’s mission is to provide clean and affordable energy for all using their revolutionary intelligent energy management and storage solutions for the ultimate smart home. The ecoLinx and energy automation software enhances home automation systems by integrating them with residential solar and energy storage, bringing clean tech to smart homes and enabling…

FLOS Matte Black Collection

FLOS Matte Black Collection FLOS’s 2097, Skygarden and Smithfield (pendant and ceiling mounted) luminaires are now available in a spotlight-stealing matte black finish. Matte black’s striking finish adds texture and a timeless appeal to any fixture.    

KLUS PIKO-ZM Extrusion

KLUS PIKO ZM Extrusion KLUS’s newest extrusion, the PIKO ZM, is for the construction of serviceable LED fixtures, both straight and angled or built-in and suspended, creating the effect of a thin line of light. This small extrusion is bendable and fits in the thickness of drywall board.    

New Louver Options From Finelite

New Louver Options From Finelite Maximize the visual appeal of your downlights with new louver options from Finelite for their HP-2 and HP-4 product lines. In addition to enhancing the appearance of the luminaire, louvers also shield the light source from view at any angle. Available in White Cross Blade Baffle, Hollowed Ellipse and Hex…

Day-O-Lite PROFILE with Acoustic Tiles

Day-O-Lite PROFILE with Acoustic Tiles Day-O-Lite’s PROFILE linear series is available with a range of acoustic tiling options. Zintra® Acoustic ½” Panels are the perfect solution for an application where sound reduction as well as aesthetics are required. Zintra’s® wide range of colors and ease of use make it the ideal material for commercial, hospitality,…