Now Representing Light Efficient Design (LED, LLC)

Now Representing Light Efficient Design (LED, LLC) For over ten years, Light Efficient Design has maintained its focus on growing the LED retrofit category. Boasting the installation of millions of LED retrofits to date, Light Efficient Design is proud to be the industry leader in screw-in LED retrofit technology providing the highest quality and broadest…

Now Representing Omnify Lighting

Now Representing Omnify Lighting Omnify Lighting is focused on showcasing brands through backlighting, linear lighting, signage and interactive mirrors, offering customizable solutions across size, LED specs, shapes, color temperatures and wattage. Omnify oversees the entire spectrum of your illumination projects – with innovative, high-quality products partnered with on-demand design, concept development, light planning and timely…

Now Representing Foscarini

Now Representing Foscarini Founded in 1981, Foscarini has imagined, developed and produced decorative fixtures designed to transform spaces. Foscarini has collaborated with international design icons for more than three decades to create unique and captivating lighting for your space.    

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Find Us on Social Media! Following us on our social media channels is the easiest way to keep up with the latest new product releases, industry events and A&M happenings: Connect with us on LinkedIn Like us on Facebook Pin us on Pinterest Follow us on Twitter Additionally, you can sign up to receive our…

Now Representing DLS Lighting

Now Representing DLS Lighting DLS Lighting offers specification-grade LED fixtures that marry simplicity with elegant precision. Careful consideration is given to create function, form and lasting quality, making DLS’s ultra-sleek fixture designs complementary for either commercial or residential architecture.    

Now Representing Sirius Lighting

Now Representing Sirius Lighting Sirius Lighting offers specification grade 12 Volt rail systems in addition to a variety of sleek European style mono-point pendants, wall sconces, surface ceiling and Class II mini-recessed fixtures. These elegant fixtures can be specified for architectural and commercial spaces and are small enough for residential applications.    

Now Representing Puro Lighting

Now Representing Puro Lighting Utilizing exclusive patents and technology from Violet Defense™, Puro Lighting’s products provide breakthrough UV disinfection solutions, including the first known high intensity, full spectrum UV fixture that can be installed in a ceiling, suspended or wall-mounted. These fixtures kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and can significantly reduce the…

Now Representing Nyx Hemera

Now Representing Nyx Hemera Nyx Hemera Technologies develops and provides lighting control systems for roadway tunnels and underpasses. The company’s flagship solution is the Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS), which includes luminance and illuminance meters, controlling and dimming solutions and energy management systems.    

H.E. Williams’ All-New Downlights Collection

H.E. Williams’ All-New Downlights Collection: Specifying Now, Shipping in August H.E. Williams’ downlights collection offers 4.5″, 6″ and 8″ sizes, and styles include round, square, fixed, adjustable and shallow plenum. These downlights also feature die cast trim with flush, regressed or wall wash lenses and HEW’s TrimLock reflector retention system for eliminating trim sag.  …

Kreon Wabi Wins Product Innovation Award (PIA)

Kreon Wabi Wins Product Innovation Award (PIA) Congratulations to Kreon for their 2018 Product Innovation Award gold medal win! The wabi is a versatile exterior LED IP65 spotlight/IP67 bollard, featuring a fully directional and lockable light head that can be fixed to walls or attached to the optional ground post. It can be accessorized with…