A.B. CHANCE Instant Foundation Systems

A.B. CHANCE, a Hubbell Company, Instant Foundation Systems CHANCE® Instant Foundation® systems are designed, tested and proven in applications for DOTs, utilities, area lighting, architecture and airports. CHANCE® lighting foundations come job-ready with pre-engineered details, and are designed to comply with AASHTO standard specifications for structural supports for highway signs, luminaries and traffic signals, making…

SGi Lighting LED Neon RGBW

SGi Lighting LED Neon Take advantage of new lighting capabilities with SGi’s LED Neon Lights. A rugged silicone-based housing allows for light flexibility and weatherproofing from outdoor elements. Thermally engineered flexible circuit boards, combined with advanced LED technology, ensure maximum light output. Color temperatures range from a warm 2700K to a cool 5000K, or anything…

Now Representing Nora Lighting

Now Representing Nora Lighting Nora products have become benchmarks for innovation, quality and new energy-efficiency standards and include an exceptional line of recessed, track, Nora Rail, Nora Mini Rail and multiple lighting systems, sconces, pendants, under cabinet, linear and accent lighting, emergency and exit lighting, along with their recent introductions of LED products: recessed retrofit,…

Cree Lighting LED Lamp Pro Series

Introducing Cree’s LED Lamp Pro Series Cree Lighting’s new Professional Series LED lamps feature a remarkable combination of performance and quality. The PRO Series offers new commercial CCTs, along with higher lumen lamps, providing more light for higher ceilings. With longer lifetimes up to 25,000 hours, these new lamps offer exceptional 90+ CRI color consistency,…

NIPPO Seamlessline T-6 LED

NIPPO Seamlessline T-6 LED NIPPO’s Seamlessline® T-6 LED is a linear lighting system designed for continuous light and consistent color. Featuring a unique side-lamp socket design, these lamps can be mounted end-to-end for smooth and continuous illumination. Individual fixtures include nominal lengths of 34″, 40″, 50″ and 60″, and lumen output and color are maintained…

Pemco Wave LED RGB Luminaire

Pemco Wave LED RGB Luminaire Pemco’s newest luminaire, The Wave, utilizes RGB LEDs in three rows per wave for color changing capabilities or for a static, single color. The Wave slip fits over 3″, 4″ and 5″ round or square tenons/poles, and is available in six standard colors and six premium color finishes.    

AFX New Product Catalog

AFX New Product Catalog Adding to their versatile collection for both commercial and residential applications, AFX’s New Product Catalog features pendants, wall sconces, vanity fixtures and ceiling flush mounts. With a wide range of design aesthetics, AFX will complement any architectural style.    

United Lighting Standards Light Poles

United Lighting Standards Light Poles United Lighting Standards (ULS) has been committed to the design, fabrication, finish and packaging of high-quality steel and aluminum area-lighting poles since 1971. ULS’s made in America products can be utilized in a variety of ways, from commercial, industrial and decorative architectural to roadway and sports lighting.    

Feelux FLXible Neon

Feelux FLXible Neon Feelux has recently introduced FLXible Neon 1 and 2, their super slim flexible LED with spot-free output for indoor and outdoor application for displays, cabinets, furniture and coves. Neon 1 bends horizontally while Neon 2 bends vertically; both are dimmable, have 4W/ft., 24V DC and are available in customized lengths.  

Now Representing Day-O-Lite

Now Representing Day-O-Lite Day-O-Lite designs and manufactures LED and fluorescent luminaires for the interior architectural specification market. Their core product lines consist of recessed, linear suspended, perimeter and wall mount luminaires designed primarily for healthcare, education, office and national account applications. Day-O-Lite also provides a variety of custom product services. Day-O-Lite also offers a RapidShip…