Introducing Chicago Plenum Series by Pathway

Pathway Lighting has introduced the new Chicago Plenum (CP) and Thick Ceilings (TC) Series – architectural recessed downlights and wall washers for Thick Ceilings and Chicago Plenum applications. The product family includes 4″ and 6″, round and square apertures, providing up to 4500+ lumens delivered. There are 22 new solutions for Chicago Plenum and Thick Ceilings applications!

Output Options:

  • 6 Output levels – up to 4500+ lumens delivered
  • Correlated color temperature (CCT)
  • Color rendering index (CRI)
  • Beam Distributions : 42°,  55°, 62°, 78°
  • Dimming options – 0-10V, Lutron, DALI, DMX, PathWave Wireless:

-TC SERIES dims to 0%


*Xitanium 0-10V only

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