GVA Gemini

GEMINI is a high efficiency LED Luminaire for commercial, industrial and institutional applications, delivering up to 15,000 lumens @ 100 lumens per watt with an adjustable uplight option.  It presents a unique option for Data Centers, allowing direct connection to a 380 VDC grid. Its small and clean form factor makes GEMINI an attractive option for any application where aesthetics are imperative. A rated lifetime >100,000hrs (L70) requires no relamping or replacement for more than 22 years @ 12 hours of operation per day. GEMINI is 0-10V, DALI and DMX* compatible simplifying integration into intelligent control systems. Lumen maintenance, product lifetime and overall system efficiency can be further extended with the use of daylight harvesting systems and occupancy sensors. GEMINI is available with 120° diffused, 90°, 60° or 30° FWHM distributions*; making it versatile for a range of applications from wide open spaces to tall narrow aisles. All distribution options deliver 11,500+ lm. Uplighting and louver baffles are also optional for glare reduction.