Village of Homewood Before & After by ANP Lighting

ANP HighPro™ LED Retrofits deliver crisp, even lighting and cuts energy use by 30%. When The Village of Homewood upgraded their downtown pedestrian lighting, they decided to replace the older 50w HPS fixtures. ANP HighPro LED technology was available immediately in the decorative chimney luminaire specified for the project fixture, so the entire update took just six weeks from design to installation.

LED with 4000K color is a major improvement over the uneven, orange tone of the old HPS. John Schaefer, Director of Public Works noted, “businesses in The Village love the new lighting. The ANP Lighting LED luminaires provide crisp, even lighting from one end of town to the other”.

Harry Hammock, Utility Supervisor, noted The Village has been able to cut energy use by 30% with the new LED lighting. Other advantages include a 7-year limited warranty on the driver and reduced maintenance costs. “This is the project I am most proud of in my 30 year career.”

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