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Lutron Fan Controls

Maestro Fan Control and C•L Dimmers Maestro fan control with LED dimmer is designed to work with ceiling fans that have screw-in dimmable LEDs or dimmable integrated LEDs. Dim your LED lights & adjust fan speed from one wall control. Eliminates the need for pull chains. • C•L dimmer for LEDs and incandescent/halogen bulbs •…

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CREE IG Series

IG Series LED Parking Structure LOW-GLARE ILLUMINATION WITH HIGH-ENERGY EFFICIENCY Lighting the parking garage presents particular challenges, and the IG Series with WaveMax® Technology is built for the job. WaveMax® Technology provides unmatched low-glare comfort and decreased LED source luminance to cast rich illumination that maximizes detail and defeats shadows. The IG Series delivers unprecedented…

  • Finelite Ho4

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Finelite HO4

HO4 The HO4 is available in Direct, Recessed, Surface Mount and Uplight/Downtlight. All HO4 fixtures deliver unparalleled performance and comfortable illumination. The HO4 features a state-of-the-art rectilinear reflector that provides depth and uniformity to every space.    

  • Apureminus

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Minus Series by aPure

MINUS The Minus is a breakthrough in conception, technology and design. An architectural lighting solution which requires less than one inch (25mm) of ceiling recess without sacrificing performance and design. With its smallest aperture of just .4” (10mm), Minus produces a discrete lighting effect, virtually glare free and capable of producing an output of over…

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Now Representing Amerlux

Amerlux The world class optical, electrical and thermal engineers at Amerlux work hand in hand with vendors to ensure the highest levels of LED innovation and performance from design through construction to ensure total success and total satisfaction. Amerlux has taken a leadership role in driving the lighting industry from energy efficiency to energy sustainability.…

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Puzzle by Beta-Calco

Introducing Puzzle by Beta-Calco Puzzle is all about the shapes and how you can create your own work of art with your lighting designs. Puzzle makes a statement as soon as you enter the room, with five shapes in various sizes which allow you flexibility in your design. The Puzzle is based on the Micro…

  • Martin EP1000

  • EP100

Martin by HARMAN

Exterior Projection 1000 The Exterior™ Projection 1000 is an unparalleled, powerful tool for permanent outdoor installations to integrate textures, patterns and graphics for limitless creative exterior lighting designs. Sporting high impact and low maintenance, this advanced, IP66-rated LED projector offers sharp image quality, dynamic features and great reach over huge distances.    

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CREE SmartCast Technology

Introducing CREE SmartCast Technology Create better work spaces, make buildings more energy efficient, repurpose wasted space, and so much more. Cree SmartCast® Technology easily scales from essential lighting control to whatever IoT brings next. Much more than lighting control, the SmartCast Intelligence Platform™ combines intelligent luminaires, the Internet of Things and innovative apps to deliver…

Kreon Nuit

Kreon Nuit Nuit is an elementary designed beam that can be used as a massive line to bring graphical elements in your architecture. The advanced double focus LED system requires only a slim gap of 10mm to unfold its light. It’s basic form draws minimal attention and can easily be used in combination with other…