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Hoops by Axo

Discover Hoops! The newest Axo Light Line! Axo’s Hoops collection by Giovanni Barbato comprises hanging lamps and ceiling lamps with interchangeable elements in three different shapes and sizes, with integrated LED’s and available in 24K gold finish. The hanging lamp can also light upward and downward at the same time.  

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Finelite Tailored Lighting

Finelite Tailored Lighting • HP-2 and HP-4: 10-working-day Standard Options Expanded! • Lengths- Finelite HP-2 and HP-4 collections in any length greater than 2 feet and in increments down to 1/16th inch. • Angles- With Finelite’s HP-2 and HP-4 collections, 90-degree angles in a single plane ship in 10 working days.


Beta-Calco’s RING creates a design statement for both contemporary and traditional architectural interiors. Chicago based technology software firm, kCura, celebrated their growth by adding another floor of open office space and collaborative areas, as well as renovating their existing reception and cafe in historic loop building 231 S. LaSalle. Architect: HOK; Chicago, IL Lighting Designer: Gwen…

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C3R Color Changing by Tempo

  C3R Color Changing at Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry   A custom project by Tempo at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry featured Tempo’s modified LPS carpet-to-carpet floor extrusion and wire way channel with a new extruded clear top cover. RGB LEDs were then placed inside the length of the extrusion to provide the…

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  • Garrett Popcorn Shops

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Garrett Popcorn Shops – Woodfield Mall

Garrett Popcorn Shops opens its first location at Schaumburg’s Woodfield Mall during Thanksgiving week with EOS panels RGB Panels by EOS hit a home run with the famous Garrett Popcorn Shops at their new Woodfield Mall location in Schaumburg, IL, inspiring an exceptional holiday shopping experience. The EOS LED panels are backlighting Panelite walls, creating…

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  • Liquid Line

Liquid Line

Lightnet-Liquid Line • Surface mounted light line for ceilings • Direct light distribution • Opal diffuser made of frosted methacrylate for enhanced light transmission and uniform illumination • Luminaire frame made of aluminum, finishes: white (RAL9003) or silver (RAL9006) coated • Optional drivers: One-step switched or 1-10V dimmable • Evenly spaced premium LEDs provide continuous,…

S172 – Outdoor LED

The Lighting Quotient – Elliptipar • Patented fraqtir™ optics — elliptipar’s premiere LED optical system — deliver light to the target, minimizing spill light and glare • Asymmetric forward throw and wide lateral distribution — produces uniform illumination on surfaces, permitting larger on-center spacing • Adjustable and lockable aiming — aiming index allows consistent aiming…

Finelite HP-2

High Performance 2″ Aperture Direct Pendant (HP-2 D) is a patented, linear LED luminaire for offices, schools, retail and healthcare facilities. Advanced optical designs and mid-powered LEDs deliver an efficient, long-lasting luminaire free of glare and socket shadows for single and continuous lighting applications. HP-2 D is RoHS compliant.