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Introducing a new revolutionary, modular wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings Vive wireless solution is ideally suited for: K12, commercial and government offices and higher education buildings. It centralizes control and integration over all wireless controls and sensors within the building, allowing a complete management of the lighting system and saves energy.…

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Stonegate by AFX

Stonegate Cascade Collection Stonegate by AFX is a leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning lighting that specializes in custom lighting, contract lighting, hospitality lighting, and residential lighting solutions for the Architecture & Design industry. With a diverse catalog of pendants, chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, sconces and ADA products, Stonegate by AFX offers lighting fixtures in a…

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Caséta Wireless by LUTRON

Caséta Wireless is made up of dimmers, a remote control, a bridge, and an app. It controls lights, shades, and sound from anywhere. Caseta allows you to set the mood by dimming your lights to relax, watch a movie, or entertain with friends. You can do it from anywhere in a room. It allows you…

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HP-WS Premier Slot by Finelite is now Chicago Plenum rated

  The Finelite Difference We are very excited to share that HP-WS is now Chicago Plenum rated in all versions, including the telescoping options. HP-WS Premier Slot is a perimeter LED luminaire that creates a wash of light for ambient and vertical illumination at the transition between the wall and the ceiling plane. 2′, 3′, 4,…

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PARMA by Astro

Parma by Astro High quality, well developed, well designed products but still accessible in terms of design and price”. John Fearon (Astro’s Co-Founder) PARMA by Astro supports their design ethos of pure, clean and contemporary. Design is the lifeblood of the Astro brand. Parma is an indoor wall sconce with integral 3w LEDs and includes…

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Fuse by Astro

Fuse by Astro. Exclusive, eco-friendly and energy efficient. Elegant simplicity and clear visual language in Fuse by Astro astonishes with its clean and contemporary form. With its energy – efficient LED technology and stylish modern design, the FUSE Unswitched, as well as Switched, LED Wall Sconce is ideal for a wide variety of domestic and commercial…

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Introducing GEMINI by GVA Lighting – a high efficiency LED Luminaire for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

GVA Gemini GEMINI is a high efficiency LED Luminaire for commercial, industrial and institutional applications, delivering up to 15,000 lumens @ 100 lumens per watt with an adjustable uplight option.  It presents a unique option for Data Centers, allowing direct connection to a 380 VDC grid. Its small and clean form factor makes GEMINI an…


EMMY WINNING DESIGNERS Sportsbeams are known to be experts in professional LED lighting. Their extensive technical achievements of Sportbeams Founders include Emmy Awards for LED lighting technology “so innovative in nature that they materially have affected the …recording of television.” After leading the LED revolution for television and motion picture lighting for over a decade, including…